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We're all going to be seeing a lot of Chris Hemsworth this fall because his new movie Naturally, when you are happily married to one of the hottest men in Hollywood, people are going to be curious about you. I expected Pataky would be hot, but I didn't expect to find out that she may also have mythical powers. , my brain was confused as to how someone can be that hot. Before meeting Martinez, Pataky dated Adrien Brody pretty seriously. As a virtually unknown Spanish actress, she quietly moved in and started dating some of the most desirable men in the business. Did you know any of these facts about Pataky before today? Then, when I started seeing pictures of Chris Hemsworth in real life, carrying around his cute little baby, my brain pretty much exploded. )As if being with one total smokeshow wasn't enough, Pataky previously dated Olivier Martinez, yet another most-wanted male of our generation. And now she's married to one who is seven years younger. especially your essay on pornography called XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. (before was strict classical marxist.) please look at my tumblr if you want." I sent that email in March. thanks for your XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX blog and other writing. Magazine Canada did a whole spread on the lovebirds and their castle back in 2008, and Brody reportedly gushed about Pataky, "The first time I saw her I was completely spellbound."Hemsworth also isn't shy about gushing over Pataky, and reportedly told the Daily Mail, "She's always smiling.(we jest, we know you're just as obsessed with it as us) that matches seriously beautiful singletons with the occasional bizarre quip from a Gloucestershire-born hunk who likes to do handstands and rap (badly) to defuse tension.

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"I was like, 'I'm gonna be playing the person you're not dating,'" she laughed. I'm gonna be playing the opposite of that.' And yeah, I'm biased - but he's incredible in it." Cute! Nearly two months after they secretly tied the knot, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester have been snapped together doing the cutest PDA.She's been adored by not one, not two, but three famous men and basically seems like the coolest person ever. When you add up all of these facts, Elsa Pataky is pretty much the boss of everyone. also — you can email me at [email protected]_____________— I think I am shutting down the XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX thing." "i'm glad you liked my writing.zzz maybe this is weird but sometimes i wondered if you would hate it/hate my blog since it could be seen as the self-absorbed narcissism you write about a lot zzz getting writing published felt weird though, and all the attention. still i asked tao lin if he would be interested in publishing a compilation of my stories/photographs thru muumuu house. plz add me on fb if you want." "couldn't figure out how to add you on Facebook — I am sort of a Facebook dummy, despite writing about it all the time maybe you can add me read your pieces as critiques of narcissism and self-absorption, which are hard to make without embodying them to the nth degree — nothing more narcissistic than complaining about narcissism (like I sometimes do) — think one must feel it in the writing to understand why it is problematic, pervasive, a kind of drugged state when I used to check on how popular my blog posts and stuff were, I was way more anxious — had a very ambivalent response to knowing what got more attention, and found it too easy to conflate attention to the subject I was writing about with attention to me as a person or writer — can see why those pieces of yours would bring a lot of weird attention, obviously —" "oh i wanted to ask if you watched the bebezeva documentary and what you thought of it :o also maybe what you think of bebezeva in general?? Last night Leighton Meester stepped out with her husband Adam Brody to the Tony Awards.


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