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For the project Du Bois compiled the texts of each president's State of the Union addresses and reproduced the most common words in type that shrinks in the style of an eye chart—Lincoln's top word was "Emancipation"; Nixon's was "Truly." In another piece, he programmed computers to scour the internet for images of Britney Spears using facial recognition software, then overlay those images in a constantly shifting display in which her eyes remain perfectly centered.used millions of online dating profiles to compare the words people use to describe themselves in different zip codes.Since 2010 was a census year, Du Bois decided to create a visual census of online dating profile language.He made nationwide maps that are shaded red and blue, like political maps, except that blue stands for boys and red stands for girls.Kuitca believes that the “map-on-mattress works represent a meeting point of private and public experiences.However it is now that I also see this large platform of beds as the surface on which a ‘Rite’ or ‘Sacre’ takes place.” Joyce Kozloff has been working with map images for twenty years as part of her exploration of culture, history and politics.“To read a thoughtful dating profile or view a profile photo is to view the precarious expression of someone else’s desires.” Revealing a ‘dating lexicon’ of each state, Du Bois built maps using the words provided by 16.7 million people describing themselves and those they desire.Comprised as a romantic atlas of the United States, each regional geography uses keywords from dating profiles in lieu of the city and town names.

Alavi comments about the piece that “In addition to recalling the experience of flight and flying, this piece, by depicting the larger geographical area, also helps to reinforce a sense of belonging and/or connection for the traveler.

The Pew Research Center (PRC) reports that 31 percent of all American adults know someone who has used a dating website.

However, PRC doesn’t say anything about the alternative reasons why some adults use dating websites, which may come as a surprise. Luke Du Bois, who holds a doctorate in music composition from Columbia, tried online dating three years ago.

Luke Du Bois's work opened at the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota.

In addition to new video work riffing on traditional circus posters that Du Bois made during a residency at the museum, the show also will feature a sort of dual portrait of Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, which was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D. Changing notions of how people can be portrayed—and how we choose to portray ourselves in social media—is one strain that runs through Du Bois's diverse body of work.


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